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Dining with Dignity Anniversary

Our MPC Dining with Dignity program marked a two year anniversary on Monday of this week. Barb Lofquist, the coordinator of the ministry, reports that though it poured rain the first night the group served two years ago, volunteers continued to show up, rain or shine.  We had some great help from Paul Johnson, a Home Again St. Johns volunteer.  He is a special friend of our group and helps keep things running smoothly making sure tables are set up and taken down etc.  I am so impressed with Chris Zub and his crew from The Wildflower Clinic always there, rain, shine sunny or dark.

Isaac Turner did the blessing and did such a great job with a voice that carried and all were super quiet so that they could hear him.  And again I thank you parents for sharing your children with us.  It’s wonderful.

As usual our guests were so appreciative for all that we do and of course so am I.  One young man said to me “God Bless You” making direct eye contact and I said you likewise and he got tears in his eyes.  A God moment. We fed at least 80 people.  We had enough food with a little left over.  Some of us even had a chance to grab a plate of food.

We are grateful to Barb for her faithfulness in leading this important mission of compassion and for the inspiration she provides others.

November 12, 2014 | Volunteering | Comments Off on Dining with Dignity Anniversary

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