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What People are Saying About Just Coffee!

“One Sunday I poured myself a cup of coffee in the fellowship hall.  When I tasted it, I immediately knew that this was not the usual MPC coffee offering!  It was rich and smooth and so delicious.  I told Parrish how great the coffee was and he informed me that he had filled the urns that morning with Just Coffee’s 50/50 Arabica/Robusta. I immediately bought a bag of the 1/2 Pure Arabica and 1/2 decaffeinated Arabica (with the logic that the half decaf part would allow me to drink more of this delicious coffee during my mornings). For this reason, combined with the knowledge that I’m supporting the growers, I now only buy Just Coffee on Sunday mornings.”

– Robbie Boggs


“Just Coffee Arabica is my favorite coffee ever. It is mellow, deep and rounded, a lovely starter in the morning.”

– Claire Southerland


“I especially enjoy brewing the Decaf Arabica in our coffee maker”

– Michael Barnes


“I like being connected to a farmer and knowing I am helping that family with my admitted coffee habit :)”

– Beth Masters


Try a pound!

Available Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall.

Just Coffee

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