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Dine with Nine Groups Now Forming!

Groups of “Nine” are now forming for our Dine With Nine Program that will begin in May.

If you have not yet experienced “Dine With Nine” here at Memorial, now is the time to join! Why the the odd number “Nine?”  It is to make singles feel welcome (plus, it rhymes with “Dine.”)

Groups meet once a month at a time and place determined by members of each group who take turns planning (or hosting) the dining event. The event may be a potluck in a home, it may be in a restaurant where each person takes care of his or her own check.  There is no program or speakers. The purpose of dining together is to meet someone new in your church family, while enjoying some great meals together. We look forward to getting to knowyou.

For more information or to be included in the next grouping; please contact Dave Anthony at or 461-5338.

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