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Adult Sunday School – Short Term Study

Robert Thomason, Leader

We will “listen for God” in excerpts from the writings of four American authors from Peter S. Hawkins’  Listening for God: Contemporary Literature and the Life of Faith, Volume Three.

In his introduction Hawkins says, “We hope that these fictions open the way for faith discussions that move participants beyond guarded affirmations or predictable platitudes.  Our stories have little patience with what is prepackaged or unambiguous.  They aim to unsettle, to stir up emotions rather than quiet them down…[These literary treasures are] opportunities to discover anew the mystery of God in some of the best writing …done in North America [in our time].”  This four-week study will require reading brief selections from four writers.  Each session will include a brief DVD excerpt of an interview with the author (or surrogate).  Sessions will be participatory, and active learning will be encouraged.

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