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Stewardship Reflection – Tracy Upchurch

I am not much of a golfer, but it is not for lack of trying! I practice and have taken lots of lessons, all to no avail; I still spend too much time looking for my golf balls in the woods or the water.

One of the interesting things, the counter-intuitive things my golf instructors have tried to teach me is to hold the golf club gently in my hands.  Not to grab it tightly with a white knuckle grip, but rather, as the great Sam Snead said, to “cradle the club like I am holding a baby bird.”

This is a hard lesson! Instinct tells us to hit a ball long and hard we need to “grip it and rip it.” While that may work for some golfers, most of us need to follow the wiser advice and work for a more relaxed and gentle hold.

My life has taught me to handle money the same way, to hold it gently in my hands and not to clench it with a death grip.  Giving is freeing.  I can’t cite you to scriptural authority, but my experience teaches me that giving freely has only resulted in receiving more freely.

Now hopefully we don’t give to receive, in a quid pro quo manner, but my family’s reality is we have never made a gift, a pledge, or commitment that we regretted (although we certainly can list quite a few purchases for which we wish we had a “mulligan,” a chance to do over and make a different decision).

When we give freely, easily, gently God blesses us and we are never been disappointed. We relax, our hands open up, and God truly gives everything we need.

Tracy Upchurch

October 30, 2015 | Stewardship | Comments Off on Stewardship Reflection – Tracy Upchurch

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