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Stewardship Reflection – Ellen Avery Smith

Because the Lord has given me much, He requires much of me. My imagination could not have conjured the many gifts the Lord has provided to me throughout my life. When I had health problems as a child, He healed me. When my parents got a divorce when I was a teenager, He comforted me.  When I was ready to meet Him for the first time, He presented Himself to me. When I was a struggling student without money to buy food or pay rent, He provided a job and a scholarship for me. In many other struggles, He has given me the strength to persevere. And on top of it all, He has given me a wonderful and loving family, friends and community. I owe all of those things, and much more, to God.

Memorial Presbyterian Church is another of my gifts from God.  I first came to the Church when I was 15 years old when my church youth group was on its way to Warren Wilson College in North Carolina for a summer youth retreat (we spent the night on the stage in the old MPC Fellowship Hall). That was the same trip when, in the Chapel at Warren Wilson, I first felt the full spiritual embrace of God and knew that He would always be with me.  I returned to Memorial Presbyterian many years later, when Richard and I moved to St. Augustine. Upon walking into the sanctuary, I felt God’s presence in the grandeur of the building, the warmth of the people and the power of the service’s message and music.  Richard and I have been members of the Church ever since, and I hope to remain a part of this Church family for the rest of my life.

As Luke writes in Chapter 12, verse 48, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required….”   Since God has given me much, I will joyfully give my time, talents and treasure to the service of God and to Memorial Presbyterian, my family in Christ.

Ellen Avery Smith

November 5, 2015 | Stewardship | Comments Off on Stewardship Reflection – Ellen Avery Smith

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