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Reflections on Discovering Joy Through Generosity

When I was asked to reflect on how I had discovered joy through giving generously of time, talent and treasure to MPC, I immediately thought of the wonderful honor I had been given to become a deacon of the church.

This has been a year of great loss for me, and I feel that church leaders recognized that         losing my role as a caregiver for dad left a huge hole in my heart.

My parents instilled in me that appreciating what I have and giving to others is an important part of life. I strive to emulate their love of God, family, community and country. I welcome the opportunity to support not only the members of my cluster, but all members who may be in need.

I pray that through God’s guidance and love I will have the strength and devotion to fulfill my promise of service to MPC.

I have often said that when I walk through the doors of the sanctuary I always get the feeling of coming home.


Thank you.  Ann Junod


November 15, 2016 | Stewardship | Comments Off on Reflections on Discovering Joy Through Generosity

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