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Reflections on Discovering Joy Through Generosity

When I was asked if I would write a devotional about why I give to Memorial Presbyterian Church, I immediately thought, Of course I will!  And then I realized I would need a little bit of time to think of how to explain what is in my heart.  To keep it simple, I asked myself two questions.

The first question was, why do I give?  That one is easy.  I give because it pleases the Lord, and my heart wants to please the Lord.  “2Corinthians 9:7 – Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”  During my entire life, whether I was able to give a little, or give a lot, each instance brought me joy in knowing I was doing what I could at that time to help others.

The second question was, why do I give to Memorial Presbyterian Church?  Thankfully, that one is easy too.  I love MPC.  It is my best friend and my family.  Whether I am at church on a daily basis, or have been pulled away for any length of time for any number of reasons, I know I am always welcome; big smiles, open arms, and no questions asked other than, “How are you?”

From the moment we walked into the preschool 8 years ago, I knew it was home.  The school offered my two girls, and our whole family, a loving and compassionate Christian environment.  I saw the school and church offer assistance to families who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to send their children to pre-school.  We joined the choir, where my girls could show their love by singing to and for the Lord.  I directed Vacation Bible School because I was amazed at the rush of adrenaline I received from all of the people, aged 3-90, giving their time, singing and dancing like nobody’s watching, and supporting local causes like Food 4 Kids.

Memorial Presbyterian Church finds many ways to help our brothers and sisters, both locally and internationally.  I know that if I have the resources, MPC will welcome my assistance in its many causes and outreach programs.  In addition, if I am in need of help, I feel comfort knowing MPC will be here for me.  But I also know that MPC needs me and my support.  We are in this together; Memorial Presbyterian Church can’t do it without me.

Ally Walczak

December 16, 2016 | Stewardship | Comments Off on Reflections on Discovering Joy Through Generosity

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