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From Pastor Davies – 11/8/16

The story is told of the minister whose church served a large rural parish in a rich farming section of our country.  One day while driving down a country lane, he passed a parishioner’s farm.  It was a fine farm, with lush crops and well-maintained barns and houses.  Struck by the beauty of the pastoral scene, the minister stopped his car and gazed with admiration.  The farmer recognized his pastor, stopped his tractor, and came to exchange across the fence pleasantries.

In the course of the conversation, the minister learned that only 25 years earlier the entire farm was woodland and had been cleared for crops by the parishioner and his family.  “What a wondrous work the Lord has done here,” exclaimed the minister.  “Yep,” said the farmer, “but you know, preacher, this farm is really a partnership – the Lord and me.  Like you say on Sunday, God brings the rain and the sun and makes things grow.  I manage the place for God, and that’s important too, because you should have seen the place before I bought it, and the Lord was in charge.”

So it is with the church.  We, too, are partners with the Lord.  God sets us in the midst of the world, in a particular place, to minister to the world-at-large.  Through education, evangelism, and other creative services, God permits the church and its mission to be a channel of Christ’s love and hope to a world waiting for the light of the world.  We must provide the means to meet the needs.  We have a vital part in the partnership.

What does this have to do with stewardship?  Webster defines a steward as “a person put in charge of the affairs of a large household or estate.”  So, like the farmer, we must have a program which will enable our partnership to do what God as called us to do as individuals and as a congregation.  God will give the vision, the courage, and the strength.  We must supply the time, the talent, and the treasure.  If each member will take one step up in the year to come, with God’s blessing, Memorial Presbyterian Church can continue to move forward in mission and ministry.

Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

November 15, 2016 | From the Pastor, Stewardship | Comments Off on From Pastor Davies – 11/8/16

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