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When do we need God’s love most?

When do we need God’s love most?  Of course we need that love every second of our lives.  But at times God’s love is especially precious to us, times when:

  • We lose a loved one;
  • Life becomes so confusing that we do not know where to turn; or
  • Life just becomes meaningless and depression sets in.


At times like these, it is very important to have someone who cares.  Our congregation has trained Stephen Ministers who offer a ministry of Christian caring.

For more information about Stephen Ministry, please contact: Rev. Amy Camp at 904-327-9762 or via e-mail at: Or Stephanie Wollny at 203-482-7308; via e-mail at

December 16, 2016 | Stephen Ministry | Comments Off on When do we need God’s love most?

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