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Mission Outreach

Jesus said, “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me. Truly I tell you just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”

Local Outreach

PRESBYTERIAN DAY SCHOOL : The historic Christian day school of MPC employs the finest teachers and aides to nurture, teach, and equip pre-k students with the foundations of academic and moral excellence.

FOOD 4 KIDS: is an emergency food assistance program designed for kids who might otherwise go hungry. At South Woods School in Hastings, 80+ per cent of children receive breakfast and lunch through the free and reduced lunch programs. On weekends, food is provided for almost 200 kids through the Food 4 Kids program. Since 2010, MPC has supplied the funds, volunteers, and coordination to enable this to happen.

Child-friendly, shelf stable food is purchased weekly and placed in wheeled backpacks by MPC volunteers. The child takes the backpack home on Friday and returns the empty backpack on Monday of the following week. All children in the family are fed using the one backpack brought home by the elementary student.

Food 4 Kids continues throughout holiday periods and the summer, providing continuity to the children and their families. Cost of food per child is approximately $5.80 per week; $25.00 per month; or $300.00 per year. In November 2014, almost 200 children were receiving food weekly. Since the inception of the program, MPC contributors have given more than $130,000 to support the program.

To sponsor a child, make a contribution, or volunteer in other ways, please contact the church office for a participation form.

BETTY GRIFFIN HOUSE : MPC provides volunteers and sponsors an annual benefit concert to aid the ministry of this local emergency shelter for victims of domestic and sexual violence and their children.

ST. AUGUSTINE YOUTH SERVICES: Provides a home for boys locally. MPC offers financial support, collects needed items, and provides tutoring services through the Faith in Action program.

DINING WITH DIGNITY: Monthly dinner serving the homeless population of St. Augustine.

COUNCIL ON AGING CARE CONNECTION : With financial assistance from MPC, volunteers do home repairs for needy clients of the Council on Aging and members of the MPC family.

WILD FLOWER CLINIC : Provides local medical services for those in need. It is supported with money, medical supplies, and services donated by MPC members.

PROJECT 5000 : At each MPC worship service, one or more MPC family brings an offering of a box of food staples for distribution locally to persons in need through the Council on Aging

SEW AND SEW : Is a quilting, sewing, and needlework mission of MPC women, providing hand-sewn items for persons in need, locally and throughout the world.

PEACEMAKING: Through education and advocacy, the MPC Peacemaking Committee leads the congregation in claiming its role as an instrument of peace in the community and the world.

YOUTH MISSION TRIPS : MPC youth groups serve those in need through mission trips in the US and in other countries.

ST. JOHNS ECUMENICAL FOOD PANTRY : Aids hungry people locally. MPC provides funds, food, and volunteers.

Global Outreach

GENERAL MISSION GIVING Through its annual pledge to support the mission of the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly, MPC is engaged in mission hand-in-hand with others in communities all around the world.

SOUTHERN AFRICA MISSION : In partnership with the Presbyterian Outreach Foundation, MPC aids the work of missionary Nancy Collins in Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, and Kenya.

CHRISTMAS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE : MPC families host ten international students from US colleges for a two-week holiday visit.

HAITI OUTREACH MINISTRIES: Outreach Committee and other MPC members sponsor students at a school in Haiti. Others have been participants in a medical mission visit.

JAMAICA MUTUAL MINISTRY : Through 2 cents a meal offerings, MPC members participate in mutual ministry with churches in Jamaica through mutual visits and a medical mission team.

MICAH PROJECT : In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, operates two group homes for young men and boys, and an outreach ministry to street children. MPC provides financial support.

MISSION OPPORTUNITY: Provides funds for new projects as they emerge. Recent opportunities include funding for FINCA (providing loans to women to start small businesses) and promotion of alternative Christmas giving through the Medical Benevolence Foundation.

SPECIAL OFFERINGS: Four special denominational offerings annually undergird local, national, and international mission. They are One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost, Peacemaking, and Christmas Joy.