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Pastor Nominating Committee

MPC is Setting New Records!

 Our New Members classes average 24 people. Even as we look for a new Pastor/Head of Staff, we are setting records!

Pledges to our church have also topped charts during this interim period which points to an exceptionally bright future here at MPC.

With the growth of St. Augustine and our church, a capital campaign is on the horizon. Historically, dedicated supporters come alive with energy and commitment to raise funds.  With initial financial grant support approved from the State of Florida and the continuing support of our Flagler church family, we expect no less with the upcoming campaign.

About Memorial Presbyterian Church


Our Ministry Information Form can be found here: Ministry Information Form


New Pastor Job Description:

To act individually and as one church family to: Love God and love our neighbors as ourselves; Invite, welcome and nurture one and all; Worship the Lord; mature as disciples, and Minister to those in need.

What we are looking for in our next Pastor/Head of Staff:

  1. Historic Church minded.
  2. Be Welcoming.
  3. Pastor who will minster to congregation.
  4. Gifted spiritual worship leader:
    • Great and gifted preaching;
    • A Pastor who is uncommonly gifted and motivated preacher with vision for the future;
    • Pastor must have spiritual maturity, strong leadership characteristics, as well as collaborate; possess a cooperative spirit, willingness to engage and resolve conflict;
    • Lead by example and with vision, energy, passion, and humor.
  5. Administrator:
    • Pastor who will lead, encourage, and empower staff;
    • Pastor who is seasoned, inspire, direct, and lead services and our activities;
    • Pastor be a strong communicator, willing and able to lead fund raisers, be a pillar of support;
    • Pastor with church finance skills.
    • Provide Community Outreach- community minded.


PNC Chairperson: Paul Carter

PNC Vice-Chairperson: Susan Goedert

PNC Scribe/Secretary: Bill Farris


Any and all members of MPC are encourage to contact Paul Carter @ with any comments, direction, or questions regarding the PNC process. We want everything to be transparent & give everyone in the entire congregation a chance to provide input into this process while moving forward swiftly! Don’t hesitate to speak with any PNC members or email Paul Carter.