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2018 Pledge Card

The pledge card can be mailed into the church office or brought to the church on Dedication Sunday, November 19, 2017.


We are on a Journey of Generosity because God designed us to be generous. There are, however, two voices that fight against our God-given impulse toward generosity: fear and self-gratification. But as we put our faith in Jesus Christ and grow spiritually, God’s Spirit silences these voices, empowering us to become more and more generous.

As we realize that our lives are not our own, we are willing to give more generously and make sacrifices because we know our security is in God—and not in ourselves, other people, or things. As this change takes place within us, we discover a new joy that is deeply fulfilling and meaningful. A central theological foundation for generosity is this: Everything belongs to God.

From the earliest biblical times, the primary way people worshipped God was building an altar and offering the fruit of their labors upon it to God. In Old Testament times, a gift offered to God was called the first fruits or the tithe, and it equaled one-tenth of one’s flocks or crops or income.

Most Christians agree that the tithe is still a good guideline for our lives today, and one that is pleasing to God. The tithe is a good goal to shoot for, if we are not already tithing. Those who are blessed with more than enough to meet their needs should consider giving beyond the tithe.

I believe the Lord is pleased when we give freely with grateful hearts. Our generosity to God and others not only pleases God but it also blesses other people. It is my experience that generosity also changes us, filling our lives greater joy.

November 19th is Stewardship Dedication Sunday. I invite you to attend the worship service of your choice that day and make your commitment of financial support to Memorial Presbyterian Church for 2018.

With Gratitude and Love, Hunter Camp, Pastor and Head of Staff


Stewardship Reflections:

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Memorial Presbyterian Church
32 Sevilla Street St. Augustine, FL 32084 

 Save the Dome & Raise the Cross

The 25-foot-tall cross atop the Byzantine dome has toppled, damaging the dome. One of the concrete spires blew off and parts of the church flooded during Hurricane Irma. Memorial Presbyterian Church, with its prominent dome and exceptional architecture is an historic symbol and significant part of the city of St. Augustine’s skyline.

Tours serving over 40,000 visitors annually, from around the world, take place regularly. Trolley and train tours bring over a million visitors by the church each year to hear the connection between the church and Henry Flagler. Many individuals in and outside of our community have been baptized and/or married here.

The church was built 127 years ago by Henry Flagler (who also constructed Flagler College), in memory of his daughter Jennie Louise Benedict.  He requested a cross to top the dome inspired by St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Italy.  It now dangles from atop the dome in the heart of our nation’s oldest continuously inhabited city.

Henry Flagler, his daughter and her baby are entombed within the church. The architecture holds much more than religious significance within its walls. The church has been recognized as one of the nation’s most significant religious structures.

  • In 1965, the building was added to the Historic American Building Survey.
  • In 2012, the building received recognition from CNN as one of “8 Religious Wonders to See in the United States.”
  • In 2013, the building was selected by FOX News as one of the “12 Most Beautiful Churches in America.”

It is truly a building worthy of preservation for its stunning architecture and its importance to the religious life of the local community, nation and world.


The cross must be raised, reattached, stabilized and the dome repaired to save this distinct part of our city’s history.

It will all be very expensive. The church does have insurance, but the deductible is over $100,000. We are grateful that many in our community have offered to help.  Go Fund Me is a new step for us as we look for assistance to raise $150,000 towards the insurance deductible.


Paul Carter ( ) Chair of Stewardship & Planned Giving

    Dr. Hunter Camp (  Pastor


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