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News from the Preservation Society – Art Restoration

This summer the Preservation Society will be taking advantage of the ceiling repair on the north side of the sanctuary to have the portrait of St. Augustine restored and cleaned.  Painted in the 1600s by Francisco de Herrera the Younger, the portrait depicts St. Augustine writing his most famous work, The City of God.  The restoration and cleaning of the painting will be completed by Beverly Burgin, a conservator whose work includes restoration and cleaning of paintings in the collections of Flagler College and the Women’s Exchange at the Dr. Peck House.  The cost is estimated to run $3,000 to $4,000 and will insure that the painting remains in good condition.  The painting and the copy of The City of God in the display case in the chapel were gifts of the family of Dr. Andrew Anderson, friend and business associate of Henry Flagler.  The Society would welcome any donations to help offset the cost of the project and more information is available through the Church Office or by contacting Jay Smith at 904.735.4059.

The Society will also be updating the exhibit of art hanging in the Congregational History Room off the chapel.  Currently, we have a number of prints and photographs from local artists of our church building.  Anyone interested in displaying their artwork including photographs or paintings of our historic sanctuary building please contact Jay Smith at 904.735.4059.  We welcome any submissions from amateur to the more professional as we celebrate this year’s 125th anniversary of our historic sanctuary.

June 18, 2015 | General Church Events | Comments Off on News from the Preservation Society – Art Restoration

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