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From Pastor Hunter – 4/18

In Mark’s Gospel account of the resurrection of Jesus, the women flee in fear after encountering the empty tomb.

All of us understand and know the power of fear. I can’t tell you that all our fears that we may have about the future of our families, personal lives, and the world are irrational. Wars, climate concerns, natural disasters, terrorism, drugs and bullying in schools—these are all real. The world is just as dangerous for us as it was for the disciples cowered in that upper room.

But the question I think we’re left with is will we let fear reign? Will we do all we can to make the church a place we can come to feel God’s eternal love in the midst of an uncertain world? Will we find the courage to trust in Jesus’ promise of peace, to trust in the story of the resurrection, that the resurrection didn’t just mean new life for Jesus, but for us, for the church, as well?

We are not called to lay low, to hide out, and to hunker down in safety. God calls us to fearlessly go into the world to share Christ with others – not just in word, but in action. And God invites us, I believe, to make our church a part of the world in which we live. To open our doors to the fearsome world, and to figure out some way to be the church for the world as it is now, not just as it used to be. For if our message is fear, we probably don’t have much to share with the world. But if our message is hope, and peace, and resurrection, then we are sharing the message of Christ. And if our lives and our church reflect that hope, then I really do believe we have an exciting and life-filled future ahead of us.

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