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From Pastor Hunter – 11/29

The church is the mother of hope. She nurtures us to believe that with God all things are possible. The church is the place where we learn what it means to be children of hope.

As we enter the season of Advent, we enter the season of sacred anticipation. As I think about the weeks ahead, I find myself drawn to reflecting on the past, present, and future. I recently found myself wondering, “If I could live last Christmas over again, what changes would I make? If I could go back five or ten years, what would I do differently?”

It’s been my experience that reflecting on how we live is how we become better at living. Do you take any time to reflect on life? Do you reflect on your past choices? Do you ever put your imagination to work and wonder how God might use you to affect greater hope in our church, our community, and our world?

This holy Advent season, may you reflect on your life and change what needs to be changed–and begin living your hope and sharing your joy.


December 16, 2016 | From the Pastor | Comments Off on From Pastor Hunter – 11/29

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