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From Pastor Davies – 5/17

Marcia and I thank the staff and congregation of MPC for the warm welcome.  Your excitement about our coming to this church family is a source of joy and encouragement to both of us.  And now on to a thought that I pray will give you encouragement this week:

A Bible school teacher asked her students to write letters to God, thanking him for his many blessings.  One child wrote, “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for my parents, my grandparents, and my sister, Angie.  I apologize for my brother, Davy.  I don’t think you’re through working on him yet.  Sincerely, Phil.”

Isn’t it wonderful that God is never through working on us, no matter how long we live?  We can always improve.  If we are sorry for our sin and ask God for forgiveness, we are given a fresh start.  Each day really is a new beginning, ripe with possibilities.


Dear God:  Thank you for this new day and the opportunities it brings.  Amen.


Have a blessed week.  And see you in worship this Sunday.

Pastor Craig

May 18, 2016 | From the Pastor | Comments Off on From Pastor Davies – 5/17

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