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From Pastor Davies – 9/20

As you know, last Sunday we collected a special offering for PDS.  In addition to that, we recognized the staff, families, and alumni of the school at the 11:00 worship service.  This school is a very special mission of MPC serving the children of our congregation and community – now in its 61st year!


Throughout my life I suppose God has taught me as much through children as through all the adult teachers I have had.  Almost every Sunday, during children’s time in the worship service, I learn something new from them.  And as I think back to all the children’s messages I have given over the years of my ministry, kids have especially taught me the value of laughter.  Usually that laughter has come at my expense, but I have gladly paid it.


I remember a Mother’s Day many years ago in which I was talking with the children about what we can give our mothers on their special day to show them how much we love them and appreciate them.  In addition to a Mother’s Day card that I brought with me, I also brought and showed them a box of chocolates.  When asked what the box was, one boy said, “a cigar box?!?”  When the laughter began to fade, I replied, “Well, yes, you could give your mom cigars, but I think she would prefer a box of chocolates.”


But I think my favorite was the little girl who arrived at church on Sunday in the arms of her grandmother.  Upon entering the sanctuary, she shouted loud enough for all to hear, “Yea!  God’s house!”


I thank God for children and thank God for entrusting them into our care. Let’s continue to love and cherish them here at MPC.  Have a blessed week and see you in worship this Sunday.

Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

September 22, 2016 | From the Pastor | Comments Off on From Pastor Davies – 9/20

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