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From Pastor Davies – 8/16

I want to thank everyone in the congregation who has already participated in a focus group. And to those who are yet to attend a group, I am really looking forward to being with you. Your responses to the various questions will be a big help to the PNC as they continue their work. God bless all of you for your dedication and faithfulness to MPC!
One day a little boy said to his friend, “My family is really out of it. We have a cord on our phone and a pencil sharpener you have to turn by hand!”

Our technological world seems to be moving faster than we can keep up. Just when we think we’ve acquired the latest gadgets, we discover that technology has raced on ahead and left us behind, standing in the dust.

With dizzying advances and changes happening all around us, it’s reassuring to know that God never changes. God’s love for us is as constant and predictable as the sun and the moon and the stars. No matter how different our world may be in five, ten, or twenty years, we can be sure that God will be with us, keeping us safe and secure in His loving care.

Thank you, God, for Your constant presence and unchanging love.

Have a blessed week and see you in worship this Sunday.
Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

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