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From Pastor Davies – 7/12

On July 17th following worship, there will be a meeting of the congregation for the purpose of electing the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  Following the election of the PNC – later in the summer and early fall – I will lead a series of focus group meetings.  The primary purpose of these meetings will be to discern God’s will for Memorial Presbyterian Church.  Here are the “nuts and bolts” of these important meetings:


Anyone in the congregation will be invited to sign up and attend a focus group meeting.  A variety of days and times will be offered so as to make it convenient for everyone.  In other words, some meetings will take place on weekdays, some on weekday nights, and some during the weekend.  Middle and High School youth will have their own focus group, as will the ministry staff of the church.


Each focus group meeting will last approximately ninety (90) minutes.  Each group will be limited in size to twelve (12) participants so that everyone will have the time and an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about MPC’s ministry.  Members of the PNC will observe the focus groups.


Topics for conversation will be as follows:


1)      A look at the leadership of former pastors of the church

2)     Things about MPC that are both pleasing and a concern to God

3)     Ideas for change at MPC that you’ve prayerfully discerned would be pleasing to God

4)     Identifying any obstacles you’ve discerned that might get in the way of being a church that fully honors God, and

5)     Identifying leadership competencies needed by the next permanent installed pastor.


Group participants will be able to share ideas that would be helpful for the PNC to hear and consider in seeking a new pastor. Now is a good time to begin praying about your response to these important topics as noted above.


At the conclusion of this process, I will compile a thorough report that summarizes all of the information shared during the focus groups.  The report will be given to the Session for information and will also be given to the PNC.  And the information from the report will be utilized in helping the PNC to complete the Mission Information Form (MIF) – a form that will give prospective pastors valuable data about MPC’s current ministry, hopes for the future, and the needed leadership skills by the next pastor to enable MPC to accomplish its goals.


Specific dates and times for these meetings will be announced soon. It is my hope that everyone in the congregation will prayerfully consider participating in one of these groups.  Until then,


Have a blessed week.  And see you in worship this Sunday.


Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

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