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From Pastor Davies – 6/28

The story is told of an old guy in the backwoods of Kentucky who could be counted on to show up at revival meetings whenever an evangelist came to town.  At the end of each service when the invitation was given, he would come down the aisle, get down on his knees, raise his arms to heaven and cry out, “Fill me, Jesus!  Fill me!  Fill me, Jesus!”  Then, within a matter of a week or two, he would slip back into his old ways of living.  But when the next round of revival meetings was held, he would once again go to the meetings, walk down the aisle, and pray the same prayer over and over.

One time, he was down on his knees yelling to the ceiling, “Fill me!  Fill me, Jesus!  Fill me, fill me!  Fill me, Jesus!” when suddenly from the back of the church some lady yelled, “Don’t do it, Lord!  He leaks!”

Of course, the truth is that we all leak.  Being filled spiritually is not a once-and-for-all thing.  Our spiritual energies dissipate, and we must find ways to be regularly refilled by the Spirit and reenergized by God.

Here at MPC the ministry staff has been quite busy planning worship services, educational opportunities, and other activities for the up-coming months, all designed to refill and reenergize our spirits and promote our continued growth in devotion to the Lord. Be sure to read the bulletin and newsletter every week for the latest information about the many ways that you can strengthen your spiritual health.


Have a blessed week.  And see you in worship this Sunday.

Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

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