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From Pastor Davies – 6/14

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  During my ninth grade year, our class went to Severance Hall to hear the Cleveland Orchestra.  I remember we sat about midway back in the auditorium.  Prior to the concert, janitors were busily cleaning up some aisles.  Ushers made sure we got in the right seats.  Others gave us programs that told all about the orchestra and the details for that day’s concert.

The orchestra was hidden behind a velvet maroon curtain. We could hear them warming up, tuning their instruments, a sound I had never heard before. Suddenly, the curtains opened and there on the stage were men and women dressed in black.  They sat in sections – strings, wind instruments, brass, and percussion.  I saw many different kinds of instruments I had never seen before and could not identify.  I remember pondering how all these people could play their instruments together without it sounding like chaos.

The conductor, George Szell, walked out on the stage.  He stepped up onto a small platform, adjusting a small podium or music stand on which rested a thick book.  Mr. Szell opened the book, looked around at all the orchestra members, tapped his baton on the metal stand, raised the baton into the air, and all together the persons played their instruments as if they were one.  The beauty and magnificence of the sound of all those instruments took my breath away. I had never heard such music before!

I have come to realize that the church is an orchestra too.  It has one Conductor, many musicians, and many instruments.  Each has been given a different musical gift to contribute and a different part to play.  Like an orchestra, there are persons who set things up, act as ushers, and do many other things.  All of them are as important as anyone else.  Each needs the other.  And though we have different parts to play, if we stop and listen to one another, we will discover that we are playing the same symphony and are directed by the same Conductor. Moreover, when we play together, we make music so glorious, so moving that it can touch and transform the world.

Here at Memorial Presbyterian Church, let us all continue to play in God’s orchestra, valuing one another, keeping our eyes on God, that together we might blend as one in the wondrous symphony of God’s good news.

Have a great week!  And see you in worship!


Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

June 16, 2016 | From the Pastor | Comments Off on From Pastor Davies – 6/14

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