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From Pastor Davies – 5/31

I am excited to serve Memorial Church as your interim pastor.  The continuing goal for my work with you is to strengthen the excellence of your ministry in the St. Augustine community and to provide on-going counsel during the time of pastoral transition – especially throughout the process of calling your next installed pastor. Please stop by my office at the church for a visit.  I would love to meet you! And now, here is an inspiring thought to guide you throughout this week:

A shipwrecked sailor who had been alone on a tiny island for months was elated when he saw a ship approaching.  He watched with excitement as a rowboat was lowered from the ship and began to make its way to shore.  When the rowboat arrived, two officers from the ship tossed the sailor a bundle of newspapers. “Captain’s compliments,” one of them said.  “You’re to read these and then decide if you really want to be rescued.”

What thoughts enter your mind as you read the daily paper or watch the evening news?  Sometimes it seems that things are going from bad to worse.  Yet hasn’t this world always been a difficult place to live in – filled with greed, violence, tragedy, and misfortune?

God doesn’t promise to prevent us from experiencing the bad things of this world, but God does promise to help us endure life’s hardships and find true joy and peace.  Through the gift of His Son, God has rescued us from sin, despair, grief, and hopelessness.  We are never lost or alone with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives!

Lord Jesus, fill me with Your hope.  Amen.

Have a blessed week. See you in worship.

Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

June 10, 2016 | From the Pastor | Comments Off on From Pastor Davies – 5/31

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