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From Pastor Davies – 5/2

Jesus saw the potential for blessings in interruptions. Just read Mark 6 and notice how many interruptions Jesus had on a typical day and how he dealt with them.

Jesus had planned to take his disciples to a quiet place after they returned from a preaching and healing trip, for there were so many people around them that they did not even have time to eat. They got into a boat and headed up the coast of the Sea of Galilee. As they neared the shore, they heard a noise. They looked ahead; and there lined up along the shore were hundreds, possibly thousands of people. So much for getting away from it all.

How did Jesus respond to this interruption? He spent much of the day teaching the people, providing for their spiritual nourishment, and then multiplying the loaves and fishes for their physical needs.

Everywhere Jesus went, Mark tells us, needy people were brought to Jesus. How did he treat those who interrupted him? He tenderly ministered to each person brought to him.

Jesus’ life was as busy and hectic as ours and more so. He had one interruption after another. But he lived by a simple rule. It was the number one item on his agenda each day: Persons have priority. The needs of others took precedence over his own needs.

There was always time for an interruption…..for the woman with the issue of blood who reached out to touch the hem of his garment…..for the unclean, despised leper…..for the lonely blind man Bartimaeus…..for a thirsty woman at a well who had failed in every meaningful relationship she ever had…..for a good-for-nothing thief on the cross beside him who asked to be remembered.

We are surrounded by people who need us, who need our attention; but often we are so wrapped up in our own lives and conversations that they go unnoticed. I have promised myself that I will try to be more sensitive and alert for those interruptions that so often fill my days, not seeing them as interruptions but as opportunities to be a blessing and to receive one. Will you join me?

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