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From Pastor Davies – 3/28

I enjoy the game of golf. Over the last 15-20 years I have been blessed to travel to Augusta, Georgia 6 times and attend practice rounds of the Masters. This year’s tournament will take place next week (April 6-9).

Golf’s greatest champions have many unique strengths and qualities which set them apart from their peers. They bring something extra to the game that goes beyond the stroke and power in the mechanics of the golf swing. They have an absolute command of concentration and focus. They have the ability to analyze a situation and know when to play the percentages and when to gamble. They have the judgment and self-discipline to make the most of good situations and the best of bad situations. And they have control of their nerves and emotions under severe pressure, which enables them to maintain their rhythm and timing. But, above all else, they have the ambition to win.

Concentration and control are the basis for “managing your game.” And “managing your game” refers to the personal control over self that is exercised throughout that particular round. It involves the maintenance of the positive thoughts and courage necessary to make the best judgments about the game. Lapses in concentration or judgment, along with the fear of failure, will influence shot selection as well as shot making.

“Managing your game” is about knowing what you can do and what you cannot do, and applying that knowledge throughout the round in various situations by concentrating on strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

Just as in the game of golf, you can use the same qualities of “managing your game” in your spiritual life.

You may know what you should do, you may even know how to do it, but you may lack direction and purpose in your decision making. Poor choices can often lead to failure.

It is precisely in the “management of your game” that God wants to step into your life. God wants to be there to give comfort for your nerves and control of your emotions so that you are able to face life’s difficulties with faith and courage.

Just as golf must be played one stroke at a time, so life must be lived one day at a time. The key to happiness and success is trusting God to provide the focus and self-discipline you need to face each moment with the assurance and confidence that God is in control.

Pray: “Lord, I give myself to You and affirm Your control of my life. Help me not to try to play someone else’s game, but to depend on You for the self-control and wisdom I need to live a happy and successful life. Today I surrender my life to Your plan, purpose, and management. Amen.”

Pastor Craig

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