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From Pastor Davies – 3/14

One of the greatest blessings we can bestow on someone else is the gift of listening. We should get some hint about the importance of listening from how the Creator has made us – with two ears and only one mouth!

One of the things that attracted people to Jesus was that He was a good listener. He gave them His undivided attention. He really listened and understood what they were saying and what they needed.

I have found that listening begins at home. When a family member interrupts me with an obvious need or concern, I should give him or her my undivided attention. But you know what? I have discovered to my dismay that I am more understanding and patient with others sometimes than I am with my family.

Pastors can be the world’s worst listeners. I read once about a pastor who every Sunday asked persons to write on and turn in a card if they needed a pastoral visit. One Sunday after the service he was shocked when he received several cards – one from his wife and one from each of his children!

We need to listen to our children and our grandchildren. Did you hear about the family who had the pastor over for an evening meal? Throughout the meal the little boy tried unsuccessfully to get his father’s attention. His father kept telling him, “Later, the adults are talking right now.” Finally, the father said, “Okay, son. What is it that you just can’t wait to say?” The little boy said, “There was a grasshopper in the salad. But it’s ok now. The pastor just ate it!” It pays to listen.

Others also need desperately for someone to care enough to listen. The Rev. Gregory was a retired United Methodist pastor who lived in Virginia. Several years ago his wife died. And not long after that he lost his two sons. That was a very tough time for him, especially the days and weeks after the funerals. But there was a dear lady who dropped by one day, sat down in his house, and simply said, “I’m here to listen.” And Pastor Gregory poured out his heart to her.

“I’m here to listen.” Not a bad slogan for Christians, is it?

Have a great week! And see you for worship!

Pastor Craig

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