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From Pastor Davies – 1/24

By now, after having been here at MPC for almost nine months, you probably have observed that I enjoy using humor in my preaching and teaching. You’ve heard it said that laugher is the best medicine. Medical researchers have determined that laughter has a profound and instantaneous effect on virtually every important organ in the human body. Best of all, laugher reduces tension as it relaxes the tissues.

Abraham Lincoln understood the benefits of laughter when he said, “With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die.”

If you aren’t a laugher, become one. Try it. You’ll enjoy it. And if you’re having trouble finding something to laugh at, start with yourself. Laughing at ourselves gives us a more accurate sense of who we are. It breaks down barriers between others and us. It makes us more approachable. It projects a personality that is warm and friendly. Laughter is like a magnet that attracts people.

So I urge you to make your home a place that is filled with laughter. That won’t be difficult if you look for humor in the small things of everyday life.

I believe that laughter is the secret to a long and enjoyable life. People don’t stop laughing because they grow old. They grow old because they stop laughing.

Dr. Arnold Poole was a Presbyterian minister (he died in 2005) who served as pastor of the Pine Shores Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, Florida for twenty years. And after eight years serving the Massanutten Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia, he retired in 1988. Later he served on the staff of the Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center. I met Arnold there during a week-long family Bible conference. While there this terrific pastor and friend gave me a copy of his book entitled You will Never Die Laughing – The Healing Effect of Laughter and Humor on the Mind and Body. Arnold signed the book as follows:

To Craig,

Wishing you a life filled with health, happiness, and hilarity!

My wish for you is the same thing. See you in worship this Sunday.

Pastor Craig

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