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From Pastor Davies – 10/18/16

It was Thanksgiving Day.  John Walter was lying in a hospital bed in Lubbock, Texas.  Walter had to visit the hospital often.  In order to keep living, he had to take kidney treatments three times a week.

Making the trips to the hospital had sent Walter’s hospital bills zooming. But worse than that, his health had meant that he was unable to harvest his cotton crop, and it was in danger of rotting.

While millions of Americans were taking the day off to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, some of Walter’s neighbors and friends were spending the day in a different way.  “We knew he needed help, but would never ask for it,” said a friend of Walter’s.  “He understands we all have crops we need to get out of the field at this time.  But he needed help, so we all came.”  His friends came all right.  On that Thanksgiving Day more than twenty cotton harvesters were in operation on Walter’s two hundred acres of cotton.

“We decided to help him first and then worry about ourselves,” said H. G. Burkett, Jr., who with Allen Hagens spearheaded the community effort.  Why, a local grocery store even supplied food for those working, and some of the wives prepared it.

Walter was prevented from attending the Thanksgiving harvest because of his six-hour appointment for the kidney treatment.  “I’ve always been blessed with good neighbors,” he said.  “This is one Thanksgiving I’ll never forget.”

Pick up your local daily newspaper, or turn on your radio or television, and chances are too much of the news will be bad news – killings, robbings, rapes, and the like.  Being continually bombarded with bad news has a harmful effect on us.  We begin to think that the only things which happen are bad.

Never believe that!  Good things still happen.  Lots of good things happen.  Here in St. Augustine that has been and continues to be true during the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. There are people helping other people.  You may never read about them or hear about them, but good things are still happening.  Good things are happening because good people are making them happen.

One wonders who received the most – Walter or his friends.  One thing is for certain – they all benefited from the sharing.

Yes, sir, the spirit of Jesus Christ still dwells in the hearts of many people.  If you doubt it, ask John Walter about it.  He can give you a first-hand report.

Pastor Craig

Pastor Davies

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