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From Pastor Camp – 4/25

To be passionately committed to our calling as Christians means that we put time and effort into whatever it is that God has called us to do. I know that we are busy people. But my experience suggests that too often we offer God what is left of our time and our talents, our money and our hope.

God wants your passion. Find a way to serve God. Your service to God, both your with time and money, should be proportional to your place in life and your ability to give.

In the first church I served there was a very elderly woman named Jewel. Jewel was passionately committed to writing cards to people who were sick or hurting. One day I asked Jewel why she wrote so many notes to so many people, some of whom she did not even know. Jewel replied, “At my age, it’s about the only thing I can do for God and other people. But I figure, God wants me to do something. And this is something I can still do.”

May you find a way to use your passion for God. And may you know that God has a great passion for you.

May 23, 2017 | From the Pastor | Comments Off on From Pastor Camp – 4/25

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