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To the Saints at Memorial…

To the Saints at Memorial:

     How many loaves do you have? Jesus asked them. The disciples were dumbfounded by the question, but in obedience to Jesus they counted what food they had been able to gather to share with the hungry crowd whom they would have chosen to send away hungry. Five loves and two fish, they reported—not much for a crowd of 5,000 people, but in Jesus’ hands it became a feast for a multitude. The point is that while your gift may seem small by comparison with the need, in the hands of Jesus even the smallest amount can be multiplied to provide for the need. If you don’t offer it, though, the possibility is lost. Stewardship Commitment Sunday is November 17. What will you offer?

                                             Dudley Weaver


October 24, 2013 | Church Business | Comments Off on To the Saints at Memorial…

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