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Officers to Be Installed

On Sunday, April 28, the officers elected in our annual meeting will be ordained and/or installed to office. Those being ordained to the office of elder are: Shirley Kennedy, Mick Barnes, Mark Walczak, Marcia Hencinski, Lisa Lloyd, Paul Carter, and Molly Clukey. Dorothy Dornblaser will be installed to another term of service on the Session. Those being ordained and installed to the office of deacon include: Trish Schwadron, Beverly Sessums, Sandra Brown, and Deb Hughes. Being installed to the Board of Deacons for another term of service are deacons Sue Holder, Charlotte Shaw, Linda Yerrill, Janet McNabb, Roberta Butler, and Sue Delpit. Elizabeth Spencer, Walt Daniels, and Barry Schweim will be installed as Trustees of the congregation.

April 17, 2013 | Church Business | Comments Off on Officers to Be Installed

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