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New Members

On Sunday we received twelve new members into our church family. Janet Landers, Amy Philbrick, John Philbrick, Krista Nicholas, Dave Nicholas, Betty Nusbaum, Alecia Bailey, Linda Young, and Bill Young were received by reaffirmation of faith. Peggy Rhodes came by transfer of her membership from First Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, and Pat and Lew Gravely joined us by transfer from Beckley Presbyterian Church, Beckley, West Virginia.

New Members

(R-L first row): John Philbrik, Amy Philbrick, Janet Landers, Betty Nusbaum, Peggy Rhodes, Linda Young, Bill Young, Alecia Bailey, Pat Gravely, Alecia Bailey, Lew Gravely, Krista Nicholas and Dave Nicholas.

May 9, 2015 | Church Business | Comments Off on New Members

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