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Memorial’s Mission Statement Revision

Memorial Presbyterian Mission Statement  (2005)

Memorial Presbyterian Church, an historic congregation in the Reformed tradition, is committed to serve God through Jesus Christ by reaching out to the world to nurture Christian Faith, build community, bridge differences, and heal wounds.

New Memorial Presbyterian Mission Statement (2014)

To Act Individually and as One Church Family to: Love God and Love Our NeighborInvite, Welcome and Nurture One and AllWorship the LordMature as Disciples and Minister to Those in Need.

Why Revise? In order to be guided by a statement that describes what we do in both priority and sequence. To directly communicate a simple and understandable statement of our mission, that has meaning to both present and future Church members.

Love God and Love our Neighbor (from both the first “Great Commandment” and also the second to guide us); and

Invite (to Church), Welcome (those who come to Church – both members and guestsand Nurture (encourage and support members and guests through the Church)  One and All; and

Worship (learn from the Bible, bond with our Church family and glorify Godthe Lord; and,

Mature (by becoming, over time, more          loving, gentle, understanding, and Christ-like); as Disciples; and,

Minister (as a mature member, trained and willing to reach out to help othersto Those in Need.


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