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Congregational Nominating Committee

The CNC nominates the following for three-year terms on the Session of Memorial Presbyterian Church in the class of 2017:


Class of 2017

Susan Abare, Paul Carter, Linda Masterson, Jeani Taliaferro, Vic Yerrill

Class of 2015 (one year interim) Mary Clukey, Youth Conrad Pritchard



Class of 2017

Sandra Brown, Chris Fulmer, Andrea Jones, Jackie Lane, Leah Mahan,

Carol Saunders, Jill Sefcik, Joyce Walter, Mary Weaver



Class of 2017

Bob Masterson, Wes Scovanner, Beverly Stuart


At-Large Members of Nominating Committee for 2014:

Susan Connor, Stuart Dornblaser, Margaret Ann Edmiston, Howard Kenney

February 5, 2014 | Church Business | Comments Off on Congregational Nominating Committee

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