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A Message from The Session

Our pastor Dr.  Dudley Weaver has retired, but he has left us with a wonderful legacy from which to work in finding his replacement. With the procedural guidance from the Presbyterian Book of Order, we will move forward. Memorial Presbyterian is a strong family and we have an extraordinary future in front of us…


The Session of MPC wants to assure you that we are moving forward on your behalf.


  1. The Transition Team (Paul Carter, Shirley Kennedy, Mary Clukey, Larry Walkowicz and Neal Smith) is on schedule to assure everything is covered.
  2. Reverend Hunter Camp is covering pastoral duties. Staff reports to him. He is working with session and all MPC committees, so all is covered.
  3. The Interim Pastor Nominating Committee was appointed yesterday and includes: Neal Smith, Norm Nelson, Susan Goedert, and Paul Carter (Chair). They will begin immediately looking for an Interim Pastor!
  4.  According to the Book of Order, when a Pastor leaves, the Session will determine how many people will be on the Pastor Nominating Committee and the Congregational Nominating Committee will choose those people. The Congregational Nominating Committee, chaired by Norm Nelson, will accept requests from those wishing to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee after May 1, 2016 via forms which will be placed in the bulletins or by email:

Any concerns or comments should be directed to the Session, Transition Team, and/or Pastors Hunter and Amy Camp at the above email address.

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