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From the Pastor

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From Pastor Camp — 11/7

Christians have long known that it is more blessed to give than it is to receive. In the last few years, studies have begun to show the benefits of generosity to our physical and mental well being. Studies now show that generosity gives us a greater sense of purpose, reduces stress, helps our physical health, […]

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From Pastor Camp – 6/27

Thank you for such a wonderful and awesome Installation Sunday. I was overwhelmed by the exceptionally strong show of support on Sunday afternoon. And the food… the entire experience blew the minds of people from around our presbytery. I have never seen an installation so well-attended. I felt your love and joy. Amy, William, and I are grateful for you welcoming us with open hearts and […]

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From Pastor Davies – 5/23

Last Sunday we welcomed nine new members into the Memorial church family. In every new member class that I teach, I tell them about five membership responsibilities. But I believe that it is important that every member of the church be reminded of these obligations. So, here they are and I hope and pray that […]

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From Pastor Camp – 5/16

I am overjoyed. I am in awe. I find myself continuing to marvel at God’s Providence. God’s plans are mysterious and amazing. As the Puritan and Presbyterian pastor John Flavel wrote, “Providence is wiser than you, and you may be confident it has suited all things better to your eternal good than you could do […]

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From Pastor Davies – 5/2

Jesus saw the potential for blessings in interruptions. Just read Mark 6 and notice how many interruptions Jesus had on a typical day and how he dealt with them. Jesus had planned to take his disciples to a quiet place after they returned from a preaching and healing trip, for there were so many people […]

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From Pastor Camp – 4/25

To be passionately committed to our calling as Christians means that we put time and effort into whatever it is that God has called us to do. I know that we are busy people. But my experience suggests that too often we offer God what is left of our time and our talents, our money […]

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From Pastor Hunter – 4/18

In Mark’s Gospel account of the resurrection of Jesus, the women flee in fear after encountering the empty tomb. All of us understand and know the power of fear. I can’t tell you that all our fears that we may have about the future of our families, personal lives, and the world are irrational. Wars, […]

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From Pastor Davies – 4/11

Easter gives us three very special gifts: 1) a resurrection, 2)a mission, and 3) a promise. First of all, Easter gives us a resurrection. Easter gives us new life, a new vitality, and a new sense of victory over sin, over despair, over defeat, and even over death. Christ conquered death, and through Him – […]

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From Pastor Davies – 4/4

A young man was working his way among the people in the gate area of an airport. As the people waited for the boarding announcement to be made, he was handing out copies of that little booklet, The Four Spiritual Laws, doing a faithful work of evangelism. There was an elderly African-American man slumped in […]

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From Pastor Davies – 3/28

I enjoy the game of golf. Over the last 15-20 years I have been blessed to travel to Augusta, Georgia 6 times and attend practice rounds of the Masters. This year’s tournament will take place next week (April 6-9). Golf’s greatest champions have many unique strengths and qualities which set them apart from their peers. […]

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